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Started ‘One Team, One Company Project’ with Dongil Future Science Hig…

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The starting point of nurturing outstanding talents for the development of the cosmetic industry in Gwangju and Jeonnam region

CY (CEO Young-deuk Cho, CEO), a service-type software (SaaS) company, together with Dongil Mirae Science High School (Principal Kang-hee Lee) located in Gwangju Metropolitan City, is part of the 'Small and Medium Venture Business Specialized High School Human Resource Development Project' by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. On the 18th, it announced that it had started the operation of 'One Team, One Company Project'.

The SME specialization high school manpower nurturing project provides comprehensive support for system reorganization and program operation of specialized high schools to nurture professional skilled manpower that reflects the field demand in the local industrial field, improves public awareness of vocational education, and secures a stable manpower inflow path for SMEs. This is a small business manpower support project of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups that promotes the inflow of excellent manpower to SMEs through

Dongil Mirae Science High School 1 Team 1 Company Project under the theme of 'Three-party collaboration where ideas using 3D printers make reality' △ Basic theoretical education on the cosmetics industry and market required as a cosmetic brand manager and manufacturing manager △ SeeY's online Software practice education through COS247 NPD system, a cosmetic development solution, △ Brand cosmetics launch course through project practice in the entire process from planning to production of cosmetics. It aims to contribute to improvement.

In this project, including Dongil Mirae Science High School and CY, cosmetics companies Rafine J, which are members of the Gwangju Cosmetic Industry Promotion Association (GCIPA, Chairman Jeon Il-seung), and Hakyung Cosmetics (CEO Seol Yun-suk), 3D S/W and smart factory Cubic Tech Co., Ltd. (CEO Bu-seop Kim), a construction company, will also participate through the formation of a consortium.

Jinyoung Kim, team leader of the CY COS247 team in charge of COS247 NPD software practice training, said, “This one-team, one-company project will be the starting point of nurturing excellent talent for the development of the cosmetic industry in Gwangju and Jeollanam-do.” “Students of Dongil Mirae Science High School We will spare no effort to support our company so that it can grow as a beauty expert.”

Meanwhile, CY is supporting the digital transformation of the K-beauty industry through the establishment of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resources Management) system and the launch of the cosmetics development platform COS247 service, including the overall cloud business. It has been selected as the lead institution for the intensive youth talent nurturing project and is carrying out various IT/software-based education projects, such as operating education programs for young people who want to find employment or start a business in the cloud sector.

Reporter Park Myung-seop, Culture Journal 21




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