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Announcement of recruitment of companies using COS247 platform service

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Gwangju Cosmetics Industry Promotion Association member companies are being promoted to provide COS247 platform service free of charge until the end of December 2022, as follows. Thank you for your participation.


under -


※ Platform Description

The COS247 portal is a portal site where you can use various functions such as online B2B marketing, sales, market development, and buyer and influencer matching for cosmetic companies.

You can promote your company and product information to external buyers/influencers or other cosmetic companies through company and product registration, and buyers/influencers or cosmetic companies who want to make or source cosmetics leave a request on the COS247 portal If you do, you can request it as a proposal.

It is a portal service where you can check government-supported projects and various news from the cosmetics industry in one portal, and research institutes/raw materials/cosmetics marketing companies also enter the store to obtain all information necessary for cosmetics production and sales.


1. COS247 portal service (free service for member companies of Gwangju Cosmetic Industry Promotion Association)

1) COS247 Partner Portal (

- Online-based B2B marketing and sales support portal service: Display of domestic cosmetic companies and product information → Inquiries available

- Request menu: Support for various requests such as OEM/OMD, packaging materials, etc. and matching with partners

- Provision of news on government support projects, cosmetics industry news, etc.

- In addition to corporate members, general members (person in charge of cosmetics companies and related organizations, influencers, buyers, etc.) can be registered

* Free for general members, corporate members enter through the Biz Portal below

* Currently over 150 member companies have entered the store


2) COS247 biz portal (

- COS247 corporate member support

- Provides a dashboard dedicated to the business of the member companies in the store

- Manage/modify all company and product information displayed on the COS247 partner portal

- Response to company and product inquiries

- Request registration and registration request review/suggestion possible


2. COS247 NPD system (paid additional service)

1) Cloud-based cosmetic development platform COS247 NPD (New Product Development)

- Korea’s only cosmetic development and project management system COS247 NPD supports collaboration between cosmetic brands and manufacturers

- Provide standard template based on new cosmetic product development workflow

- Consists of a customer (brand company) system and a supplier (manufacturer) system

- Partner matching and collaboration support based on the reverse auction system

* Please inquire separately.


If you have any other questions, please contact us using the contact information below.




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광주화장품산업진흥회 ㅣ 대표 : 전일승 ㅣ TEL : 062-973-8541 ㅣ E-MAIL : 주소 : (61012) 광주광역시 북구 첨단과기로 208번길 50, 산학동 3


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